Why “SharePoint Adoption Plan”

Because SharePoint is offer something that users can benefit from but don’t necessary have to use to get their job done.

And user is the one who have to apply this tool them self, it is the DIY product.

What is SharePoint, Exactly?

SharePoint 2010 provides an information-sharing platform, document management platform, workflow platform, business process management framework, ERP (SAP) Frontend , Business Intelligence (Business Dashboard) and development foundation on which information worker solutions can be created.

And the most important user can create their own Business Solution on their own without coding. The business process management application that design and create  by the person who run that business process. 

Business can reduce their service lead time increase their competitive advantage and win the market with SharePoint.  But user that busy with fire fighting  have to spent time to learn how to design and create their own business application.

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