“BPM is

  • a management practice that provides for governance of a business’s process environment toward the goal of
    • improving agility and
    • operational performance.
  • BPM is a structured approach employing methods, policies, metrics, management practices and
  • software tools to manage and continuously optimize an organization’s activities and processes.”

By Gartner :: 16th Nov 2005

Business Process Management (BPM) – a holistic systematic approach to achieving optimized business outcomes.

One straightforward way of looking at BPM is to think of 10 W’s associated with a business: What, Why, Where, When, Who, Way, With, Watch, Worry, and Wealth.

By understanding

  • WHAT is done,
  • WHY, WHERE and WHEN it is done,
  • WHO does it, the
  • WAY it is done, and
  • WITH what resources, all while keeping a
  • WATCH on performance, identifying what to
  • WORRY about and how to mitigate those worries, a range of methods and tools can be applied to achieve the best results with the least cost and achieving the most


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