Business success depends on operation of their routine works or business process.
ERP or SAP manage only some major business process or routine work but there are a lot routine work or business process that left unmanaged .

Most of business don’t aware that they are run most of their routine works manually like the project work which need a lot of administration job for both of supervisor and their staff to prepare the monitor report and meeting.
Business Learders run a lot of programs or campaigns to improve their routine operation but they don’t manage and automate their routine operation.
Let automat your routine work with business application made out of SharePoint by business owner. Then your business process will go with the flow and be more effective and efficiency.
Benefit of automate the routine work are as following.
•Reduce error in operation
•Reduce delay or skip operation
•Improve operation consistency
•Reduce the administration work of supervisor and staff.
See blow link for detail

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