Routine Operations are the key of Business success.

In order to improve your routine operations

1.   You need to measure and record your routine operation in term of

    • Time consume, resource utilize to complete the operation

    • Quality of the output

    • Exception condition that happen

2.   You need to analyze and evaluate your routine operation result time to time

3.   You need to keep improve your procedure and work instruction to achieve routine operation excellence


But most of sections can not do so because they lack of Business application to manage and automate their rotine operation. And they still run their routine operation in Manual Mode.

Business Application will provide:

  • Electronic form to record and share information between each operations in order to reduce operation error and automatic record operation cycle time for improvement.

  • Workflow and backlog to let each operations know when and which actions they need to perform in timely manner.

  • All information and data will be kept in central database for ease of further data processing and decision making.

In the former time, Business Application is cost a lot of money, take time and complication to implement as the developer don’t know the business process and the business owner don’t know the computer programming. Change of Business Application is take time and money then business loses their agility to adapt to business change.

With the current technology, use can create their own Business Application on their own as if they create the PowerPoint Slide or Excel workbook.  Microsoft has released SharePoint which is the DIY product which allow the business owner to create Business Application within a day without coding.

Each section has to commit to improve their routine operations and appoint one or two staffs who know their business process well and willing to spend 50% of thir working time to learn SharePoint to be SharePoint Key User.

SharePoint Key User will learn how to create Business Application about 4 hours a week for 2 months while create their first Business Application for their section. And create more Business Application on their own after the training. Key user will also keep improve their Business Application and provide support for the other users.

I want to run the last workshop to show you or your staff (SharePoint Key User) on how to create Business Application from SharePoint.

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