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Interactive Web Based Training (IWBT)

  • How is IWBT the answer? IWBT is instructor led training (interactive learning) conducted in a virtual classroom (VC) instead of a physical classroom. Using a VC we can perform most of the functions that are used in the classroom including
    • whiteboards
    • presentations
    • videos
    • demonstrations
    • questions and answers
    • group interaction.
    • email
    • recorded sessions
    • bulletin boards
    • chat rooms

all designed to help the students retain and continue the learning process after class. IWBT also is usually cheaper easier to schedule has neither associated travel cost nor does it have the associated lost opportunity cost that standard interactive learning does. Part of the savings in cost also comes from the fact that IWBT does not require a physical classroom or student equipment to maintain. IWBT also allows for better utilization of the instructors time.

IWBT is a great way to improve your training 
regardless of the size of the organization.

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