The purpose to create the forms for quickly and accurately data gathering to streamline your business process.

You can store the database in SharePoint in 2 types:

  1. SharePoint List
  2. SharePoint Form Library


SharePoint Form Library are more functionality and complicate than SharePoint list as following

  • Better form control
  • Include External Data
  • Add Custom code use VB or C# which need Server administrator upload
  • Hierarchical data structure support
  • Store data in XML File
  • Support Digital Signatures
  • Can store to SharePoint list with manual map each field individually using property promotion.

Also some disadvantage to SharePoint list as no Datasheet view that allow multiple record edits at the same time  or only aggregate value report.

 Best Practices:

  • Create different Form Views for each user role to reduce complication of business logic and improve performance for Example: the requester and approver
  • Prevent the view to display in  the list view menu then let view show according to the user role , in InfoPath designer  select Page Design Tab>View group>View list>Select Properties from the dialog box, clear the Show on the View menu when filling out this form check box.
  • Stop the Automatically retrieve data when form is oppened and let Data Connection load data after some user do something that make sure it worth retrieve data.
  • Avoid retrieve some static data from data connection and store it in form.
  • Controlling Server Postbacks of the control that don’t make sense to post backs
  • Filter the drop-down list boxes according to the related user selection such as user select “Mouse” then only the model of the mouses should show in the drop-down list boxes.
  • Display user information in a form to confirm and assist data entry such as picker control, or profile service.
  • The field in the form that need in the workflow need to promote into the SharePoint column.
  • Set Security and Trust are Restricted, Domain and Full Trust according your external  data required.
  • Form Submission option have to be settled

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